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New Blog: Jump, Jive & Kale!

Hi there!

I’m sure this post will come as a shock to those of you who see it- is she still alive?  It has been WAY too long!  A lot of things have happened in the past year that I decided needed my attention over blogging… getting my RD, securing a full-time job, getting married, and buying a house.  It was a whirlwind, in a good way, but the one thing I’ve been missing is experimenting in the kitchen and sharing those adventures with you all.

While this blog has been fun, it has been sadly neglected.  To be completely honest, as much as I loved seeing the “stats” when people viewed my recipes, the content wasn’t necessarily written for an audience.  It was created for me to keep my recipes all in one neat spot, and to share those recipes with close friends and family who were interested, along with anyone else that enjoyed reading!  After some reflection, I thought it was time to change that. So I went with a new platform, design and look.  I also thought up some features, besides recipes, that might make the blog more unique and interesting. This time, I am really trying to keep readers in mind. I hope that you will click over to Jump, Jive & Kale! and check it out.  If you were on this email list, please consider joining the one over at the new blog!  It is on the right side, about half-way down the homepage.  I’m so excited with how it came out and what I plan to do with it, and I hope that you are too!