Since I’ve been gone…

So, a couple of things happened to explain my disappearance…

1) We adopted this little guy from a kill shelter (It hurts to even say it!)…


He’s the happiest little face to come home to, and the cuddliest snuggle bug.. He’s also a LOT of work. Until now, I couldn’t make a very simple meal without him getting into something, let alone a blog-worthy meal. Despite the struggle, he is our best investment ever and we have many years of unconditional love ahead of us. I hope his cute little face makes up for abandoning my blog.

2) I got a job…teaching pre-school children, their parents and the daycare center staff nutrition. If I could have dreamed up a job, this would be it. I feel so lucky. Regardless, a new job is a new job and learning the ropes takes time.


3) I’m officially a registered dietitian!! In addition to the above two things, I had to promise myself I would spend all free time studying. To pass this test meant everything to me, so I don’t regret it!


I hope you will still read, even though I’ve been very unaccountable! However, being realistic, I will be posting once a week instead of twice. As much as I love finally being in the real world, I’ll admit it is tough finding the energy to cook creatively every night. If you read this, thank you. I felt missed when I was gone and that’s a GREAT feeling!


6 thoughts on “Since I’ve been gone…

  1. Congratulations on everything! What a busy but exciting time. :) I have to ask – what materials did you use to study for the RD exam?

    • Thank you! Yes I finally feel like I can relax a little :) As for study materials, I used Jean Inman which is super expensive but I think worth it. I bought the CDs instead of taking her class and the repetition helped me so much. A lot of her material showed up on the test too so it’s probably worth the investment. I also bought this $20 app for my iPad (but probably also works on smartphones) called “Rd exam” by MedPreps. That was helpful because its formatted just like the test and has tons of practice questions! Really though, the most valuable thing is your experience in the internship. So many questions I pulled from what I did in the hospital. Are you preparing to take it now? I have so much catching up to do on your blog! :)

  2. Congratulations! What a cute puppy! What kind is he? And how exciting you got a job and became an RD! So much excitement! I just graduated from my dietetic internship end of August so I took some much needed time off to recuperate. Thank you for the helpful tips on the study guides. My fiancé bought me the RD exam app today which has already been super helpful. It is really hard not to just sit on it all day and test yourself lol I also have a study guide passed on from a fellow intern that I plan onlooking over. Other than that, my fiancé and I are still scoping out the best study materials so we don’t waste our money. I will definitely,check out inmans. I’ve heard nothing but good things about that one.

    • Thank you! Congratulations to you for graduating! That is so exciting, the hard part is over! Our puppy is a boxer-german shepherd mix, so he’s really smart but also really goofy! Yea that app was great, I would listen to music or half watch a tv show while I studied with it. Definitely look into other options, I know friends who had success with the Hess & Hunt book which is a lot cheaper then Inman. While Inman was good, the price is steep. Good luck to you!!

      • Thank you! I loooove that app and have been using it non-stop. a friend of mine who got registered last year offered to let me copy her study materials. she has the breeding study guide and inmans. so i’m meeting her for a study date next week to get the materials so i can really hunker down and study. in the mean time, i found some good practice tests online that i pushed through yesteday. i made copies and printed them out so i can study them on a loop. any information i didn’t know, i looked up and printed off so i can study it as well. i have no idea what to expect so i want to be prepared.

        good luck with your puppy – he is adorable! i keep trying to convince my fiance that we need another great dane in our lives. we put ours down 1 1/2 years ago and i’m ready to have another big baby in our lives :p

        • That sounds like a great plan! You will do great and it will be such a relief when you are finally done :) Thanks about the puppy! I’m so sorry you had to put your great dane down :( Bauer is my first pet and I can’t even imagine losing him! Maybe it’s time for a new snuggle buddy :)

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