I was very excited about this delicious looking recipe when it appeared on my Google Reader, until I saw the word “phyllo.”  You see, my last experience with phyllo dough was… rough.  For a senior project during my first degree at JMU, I had to plan, implement and cook for a themed dinner event.  The event was for 175 people and took months and months and months to plan.  My group and I did everything from budgeting, to creating the recipes, to BEO’s, to management descriptions, to training plans for our “staff,” to purchasing everything we needed.  It was a true culmination of four years of school for business and hospitality.  If we learned it, we used it.

We even rented machines to hang decor from the ballroom ceiling…

Theme Dinner 010
Like the result?

Theme Dinner 050

One of our biggest challenges however, was the dreaded phyllo dough.  We were warned.. should have listened to you, Tassie! Although in an attempt to keep with our authentic Moroccan theme, we went for it.  One of our courses was a classic chicken b’stilla recipe.  We were lucky enough to be provided with the recipe from an authentic Moroccan that we met during a visit to Washington, D.C.  He owned the restaurant that we ate at in order to learn more about the cuisine, and was a very kind and generous chef.  After our taste tests, we knew we had to serve it.  Crispy phyllo dough filled with shredded chicken, an almond mixture, traditional spices, and sweet powdered sugar.  I might not be selling it too well, but it was one of the most delicious dishes I’d ever eaten.  One day, I’ll tackle it again and get in on the blog.  To say the least, creating 175 of these little pockets was an adventure that lasted long into the night…

Theme Dinner 001
Just one tiny tear in the paper-thin dough quickly leads to a huge hole and you have to start allllllll over..

Theme Dinner 002

I wasn’t just the photographer, I swear.

Unfortunately we were running around like head-less chickens on the night of the event, so this is the best picture of the dish that I have, which does not do it justice..

Theme Dinner 091

On a nostalgic note, my group for that project was sincerely the best group I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.  We all shared the work equally, were open to each others ideas, sincerely cared about the outcome of our event, and best of all, found five new friends in each other.

Graduation 003

Hard work aside, we also knew how to celebrate when the craziness was over :)

themedinner 001

Well, I’ll stop babbling about old memories now.  Here’s what you’re looking for…the Spanakopita! Doesn’t if just look tasty??



I followed the recipe directly from here and it worked perfectly.  No changes necessary.  I hope you enjoy it too, and don’t fear the phyllo dough!  It was MUCH less complicated then I remember.

Have you had any bad experiences with phyllo dough?


One thought on “Spanakopita

  1. I had the privilege of attending this wonderful event and the food was delicious, especially the chicken dish! Just another proud evening for mom & dad! Xoxo

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