Three Tasty Recipes in One

So here’s the thing, I not only use this blog to share recipes that I alter or create on my own, but I also use it to reference when I make my weekly menu at future dates.  A lot of times I make really good recipes that are not mine and I don’t feel the need to alter them.  The thing is, if they don’t go on my blog, then they get lost in time!  In the past two weeks there were 3 of these recipes that were delicious and I don’t want to forget about them.  So here they are for you to enjoy, and for me to remember!

Sausage & Pumpkin Pasta

Recipe by: Prevention RD

I love love this blog.  She always makes such delicious yet healthy recipes and the pictures are mouth watering!  This was another favorite, and I EVEN got my pumpkin hating man to admit he loved it as well.

My Changes: I omitted the sage and used spiral pasta instead of bowties

Mushroom Kale Lasagna

Recipe by: skinnytaste

This meal was a very satisfying vegetarian lasagna, I loved it.  I will note that it is a little time consuming because kale takes a while to clean and trim down and then the baking time was 40 minutes on top of all the prep, so you might want to save this one for a weekend.  Don’t let that discourage you though because it was nutrition packed and delicious too!

My Changes:  Use whole wheat lasagna noodles if you can find them

Bruschetta with Shrimp, Tarragon and Arugula

Recipe by: Giada De Laurentiis

As always, Giada delivers.  This was actually my first time using mascarpone cheese also.  I was surprised that it wasn’t any more expensive then mozzarella, and it had a nice creamy texture.  It did, however, pack quite a bit of fat.  Definitely more of a treat then a staple.


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