Buffalo Chicken Meatballs & Girls on the run

The other day I volunteered to be a “running buddy” for a program called Girls on the run.  I wanted to share this in a post because I think it’s a great program that more people should get involved in. Basically it was a program started to boost young girls self esteem and also train them to run a 5k race.  I think it just sends such a great message to get yourself active, but also to be confident in yourself, which can sometimes be hard in those awkward 5th-6th grade years.  Definitely check out the link and see if there is a program in your area, and I would encourage everyone to be a buddy runner!

My little girl, Lucy, was no beginner.  This was her 4th Girls on the run race, but crossing the finish line still made her smile and feel proud of herself, which was a great thing to be a part of :)  I had fun chatting with her along the way and keeping her moving when I thought she needed some encouragement!

Now for the tasty part of the post…

These meatballs were really good, and such a great alternative to chicken wings.  Did you know that only three Wegmans frozen chicken wings contain 880 mg sodium?? Just, THREE!  To put this in perspective, you want your daily sodium intake less then 2,300 mg, but most people actually fall into the category (due to age, gender, disease, etc.) of less then 1,500 mg per day.  That means, if you are in the 1,500 mg category.. just 6 chicken wings will put you well over the edge for the day.  So please, sub this recipe for the frozen wings.  It’s literally almost as easy as throwing them into the oven, but you’re doing your heart a HUGE favor.

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

I didn’t alter the recipe so as always I will link you right over to the blog I got the recipe from.  Her recipes are really good, so definitely poke around on her site.

I unfortunately realized too late that I am definitely not a fan of Gorgonzola cheese which is a large part of the side dish you see on my plate, but feel free to make it if you enjoy it!



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