Buffalo Half Marathon

On Thursday I’m going to have two recipes for you, promise!  But for today’s post I’m just going to do a quick recap of the half marathon I ran yesterday.  My knees feel as though someone took a sledge hammer to them so standing up to cook in the kitchen is not an option!

So, since this is a food blog, here was the night before the race meal…

As you can see, I definitely used this meal as an excuse to carb-load!  Although, it was full of nutrients and fiber too in addition to the carb’s.  Needless to say, I went to bed feeling very full and happy.  5 AM came before I knew it, and this was breakfast…

The muffin is my peanut butter-banana muffins, I baked up a batch last night because they are by far my favorite muffins and I knew they’d be good fuel.  Wondering what to have before a workout?  When in doubt, always a banana.  They contain carbohydrate and the electrolytes that you lose during a strenuous workout (ie. potassium).

As soon as the gun went off at 7 AM, I felt good.  I thankfully had no nausea or serious pain (besides my ankle, later in the race).  My personal goal was 2:05, my running buddy’s/hunnie’s was 2:00 so he was really pushing the pace with me.  At some points, I wanted to reach over and smack him for having such long legs, at most points, I loved that he was challenging me.  We ended up crossing the finish line with a time of 2:01:25.  Dan could have totally done it under 2:00 but he stayed with me despite telling him (more then once) to stop talking to me or I would vomit on him.  All in all, I know that I pushed my body as physically as hard as I could, and under 2 hours is a lifetime goal of mine, so there’s still time for that! :)

Do you have any memorable race stories??


3 thoughts on “Buffalo Half Marathon

  1. Congratulations, great job! I think I’ll be making those peanut butter banana muffins for Dad soon! Keep the inspirational blogs coming…. love mom & dad

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