Alright so a healthy recipe will be coming this weekend (I just haven’t cooked it yet!), so to keep with my promise of Thursday posts I wanted to do a quick one about a common misconception of RD’s and why I feel it’s important to make a note.

I’m currently in outpatient rotations right now in my program, and yesterday I had my first very defensive, anti-RD patient.  It was a little unsettling, but it was an important lesson to learn.  “We” were people who always try to put him/her on a diet, and make him/her eat “disgusting” food like brown rice.  Obviously, this is not the kind of person that you want to suggest brown rice to, but rather something very basic like suggesting that they just eat 3 meals a day.  The RD I was working with handled the situation really well, and the patient began to relax.. a little.  The point here I feel I need to make is that I think we are so often viewed as the diet police, when in reality it is not like that.  If you are trying to make a healthier lifestyle change, often the best way to start is to make one or two simple changes in your life.  Here’s a few examples that I think I will encourage when I encounter a patient like that in the future:  walk 10 minutes more on your walk then you used to, take the stairs instead of the elevator, park your car far away from the store on purpose, have a problem with sweets? drink a bottle of water in between each cookie, Love whole milk? Mix it with half 2%, then after a few weeks, switch to full 2%, and so on (I bet you won’t tell the difference!).  Hate vegetables?  Add them into combination dishes in small amounts- i.e. toss tomatoes into your mac & cheese, etc.

These are all broad and may not apply to you, but I hope you get the idea that we aren’t the diet police.  If you are thinking about going to see an RD but aren’t sure, don’t be afraid that we are going to take away everything that you love to eat/drink.  We are taught to truly meet the client where they are, not where WE are as RD’s and lovers of healthy food, promise!


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