23.5 Hours- You DO have time

Today in class my professor shared this video with us and I really liked it and wanted to pass it along.  It’s also always nice to hear from a doctor that supports our profession.  I hope you watch it, and feel inspired!: 23 and 1/2 hours

Did you know it’s better to be fit and overweight then skinny and not fit?  Exercise is so beneficial to us, it’s really more like a natural medicine.  From personal experience, it improves my mood, releases worries and tension, and overall makes me happier.  Now that I’m into week 3 of training runs, I can’t explain it any other way then saying that my cardiovascular system just feels stronger.  I wake up energized, and have given up coffee completely!  For me running is my happy place, but like the video says, even if you are walking, it’s still helping.  Not to mention all the other choices you have like biking, swimming, dancing, sports with friends, etc.

One useful suggestion I have for you is to literally schedule it into your planner like it’s part of your job.  I will write “8 am- run ___ miles.”  I believe it really helps form the commitment, and also gives it the same importance as everything else in your crazy life.

If you need some inspiration, my 60-something year old professor (pushing 70) runs 6 miles every morning.  Not only did he raise his HDL’s (your “good” cholesterol) by almost 20 points, and got rid of his hypertension, but lets be honest, he kicks ass to be doing that at his age.  So get your tush off the couch and treat your body well! :)


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