TGI Friday’s Menu Tasting

Recently I had a fun opportunity to taste test some new items on the TGI Fridays menu.. for free!  Even though it was free, I will still be giving honest opinions.  Before I get into it, I just wanted to let everyone know about a few new things on my blog.  I have decided to post every Monday and Thursday, times may vary, and additional posts may be thrown in, but at least now you will know when to definitely check back.  In addition, I’ve added a “categories” tab to the right hand column of the homepage.  Here you will find my posts split into the given categories, which will hopefully make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.  As always, any comments or suggestions regarding content are more then welcome.

Back to the food! A friend from school, Emily, got invited to this blog event at TGI Fridays and invited me to come along.  Yes, how nice of her!   You can read all about the new dishes, here, just look for the items labeled “new.”  It was really refreshing to see some of the food they’ve added to their menu.  As a side note, the manager believed that this menu was only currently available in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse, but I’m sure it will be expanding.  Typically I find that chain restaurants like Fridays, while very tasty, are just loaded with fat and calories, most things are fried, and I never feel good after eating.  Not to mention, the portion sizes in restaurants in general get me pretty enraged… and we wonder why obesity is out of control?  Anyway,  It was interesting to speak with the manager about their new menu, and he told me that they are trying to give themselves a competitive advantage over other chains such as Applebee’s and Chili’s, by adding these fresh healthy items.  We are still waiting on the nutritional facts for these dishes, but you can tell from the ingredients that most will have a much better nutritional profile.  The event was so kind of Friday’s to do, so delicious, and I even got extras to take home!  Check them out (I will only comment on those that I tried)….

Ahi Tuna with Avocado Crisps

It was so crazy to see raw tuna as a Friday’s.. very unexpected!  Personally I don’t do raw fish, but I thoroughly enjoyed the avocado’s.

Grilled Vegetable Dagwood

AWESOME.  It was such a huge, plentiful veggie sandwich.   The hospitality/business side of my education started the wheels turning so I checked with the manager, and even though the fresh veggies cost more for them to get- the entree is still priced under $10.

Heavenly Hummus

I’m not going to lie, this I wanted to slip off the table and into my lap when no one was looking.  Such a great combination of flavors in the hummus, and something I will definitely order as a customer.

Peach Sweet Tea

Very refreshing and sweet, I imagine it will be a big hit in the summer time!

Turkey- Cranberry Reuben

It was a tie between this one and the Victory Pasta below for me as best dish.  This one definitely had cheese and I could tell the bread was fried in butter which may have compromised the nutritional content a bit, but it was SOOOO good.

Victory Garden Pasta

Like I said above, this one tied for first for me.  The veggies were so fresh tasting and not coated with some kind of fatty cream sauce.   It was also made with whole wheat pasta (fiber/vitamins/minerals!).  It was very refreshing, and I MAY have swiped the leftover from the table to bring home :)

Warm Pretzels with Beer Dipping Sauce

The food lover in me loved this one, the future nutritionist, skeptical.  I think this one may have been packing some fat, BUT still a great new appetizer that they are offering.

The following I did not taste personally (on account of the beginnings of a food coma) but they were a huge hit at my table:

Knife-and-Fork Chicken Cesar Salad

Spicy Beer Cheeseburger

Thai Steak Salad

Has anyone tried these yet and have additional feedback?


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