Practical Weekly Tips

I’ve been posting mostly dinner meals lately and I thought it would be good to give you some quick healthy options for during the day.  These are just two simple things I’ve been doing this week that help me to eat healthier and can help you too!  This weekend I spent $3.50 on these veggies:

Got home from the store, spent about 5 minutes chopping them up and tossed them in this Tupperware.  So far, every night when I come home and make dinner I’ve taken them out to snack while I’m starving.  It’s really been saving me from reaching for the goldfish, and then I get my half plate of veggies in before I even eat dinner.  I dip in hummus, but feel free to eat them plain or use a different dressing.  Doing this is a great way to keep healthy, because lets be honest, when we’re starving for a snack, we’re not going to take the time to chop up veggies.  So take 5 minutes to do this on the weekend and you won’t be sorry!

Another thing I wanted to share was my newest breakfast creation..

1/2 cup quick cooking oats

3/4 cup water (NOT 1 cup like package suggests- I find it wayy too runny)

1 apple diced

1 spoonful of reduced fat peanut butter

Directions: Combine water and oats, cook for 2 minutes and 10 seconds in the microwave.  Mix in spoonful of peanut butter.  Add sliced apple.

Delicious!  I love this breakfast (or lunch) because it is not soupy like oatmeal typically is, it includes a fruit, a protein, and a whole grain, AND it keeps me full for hours.  As I said, oats is a whole grain and a fantastic source of soluble fiber.  Soluble fiber “supports heart health,” as you also may know.  Sounds great, but what exactly does it do?  Well, what it actually does is it binds with the cholesterol in our blood and excretes it for us.  This is fantastic because we do not want extra cholesterol in our blood, it can lead to heart disease.  If your doctor has told you that you have high LDL levels, this is exactly what I’m talking about.  You want those down in normal range and oats can help! :) Oats also help control the movement of our digestive system.  I hope these tips are helpful!


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