Plan Your Meals

In this post I want to talk about the value of planning your meals (particularly dinner) on a weekly basis.  Not only will you save money by buying only the ingredients that you need, but you’ll also avoid figuring out what to eat after a long day of work when your starving to the point that you might strongly consider taking down and eating an entire cow if it happened to cross your path.  Personally, I sit down for about a half hour (yup, that’s all it takes!) once a week and make my menu. Then from the menu, my shopping list, and voila! We are all set to go.  The dishes that are more involved I leave for the weekend days, and quicker meals are planned for during the week when I know I won’t feel like putting in an hour of active cooking time after a long day of work and school.  It truly helps you to eat healthier when you are planning your meals in a sane state of mind and your stomach isn’t aching to be filled.

Here is the template that I use from Inspiring Nutrition: weekly_dinner_planner

Just fill it out and pop it on your fridge with some magnets!  Although, just today while I was browsing through Target, I found a great notepad for $1 that has Mon-Sun listed with the magnet built-in.  It was so cute, I decided it had to be my new menu planner.

Whatever you prefer, put it down on paper, so you and everyone in the house knows what to expect at dinner time.  I bet you are less likely to stop for a late afternoon snack when you can envision the delicious dinner that you’ve planned! :)


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