Not-So-Healthy Cake Balls

After a long week of finals, I decided it was time for a post that is the opposite of nutritious.  Although I will be a future RD, I do love baking.  I often try to experiment with healthier ways to get sweets (ie. using applesauce or pumpkin as a fat substitute), but this time I went full blown not healthy with these cute holiday cake pops as a gift to some family and friends.

How I made them: Bake 24 cupcakes using a store bought cake mix of your choice.  After allowing them to cool, crumble them up and mix with an icing of your choice.  Note: You have to use almost the whole can of frosting and you will have to mix with your hands  (If you are like my sister, this will bother you, so I’m giving you fair warning).  Form into balls and pop into the freezer for about 45 minutes until they are chilled.  Dip into the candy melt of your choice, and add the decorations that work with your theme.  Be creative :)

I hope you like the pictures, and look for a healthy FAQ post in the next few days!


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